What is Cubic?

Cubic is a generative art project. Data such as ownership history and transaction history are used in different ways to generate unique canvases in a variety of styles.

Styles range from slower and subtly-evolving, to highly dynamic and ephemeral. The unique properties of the Internet Computer enable a whole new medium of ownable interactive experiences.

Ownership is based on a Harberger Tax system.


When purchasing an artwork, you will need to set a new offer price that you are willing to sell for. This artwork is always for sale; anyone will be able to purchase it at that price at any time.

You will be charged a tax based on this price, which is deducted automatically from your CUBE balance. The Harberger Tax system incentivizes owners to properly assess the value of their assets.

If you don't have enough CUBE to pay tax, your artwork will be foreclosed! You will forfeit ownership and anyone will be able to purchase it at the starting price.


You will need CUBE to make purchases. 1 CUBE is equivalent to 1 Trillion Cycles — the unit of compute that power the Internet Computer.

You can swap with:

For Artists and Creatives

cubic.place is open to all creative coders, from beginners to p5js veterans. Please get in touch if you'd like to contribute.


A 1% transaction fee is charged on all purchases.

Collected fees and taxes are currently kept in the cubic treasury. Revenue will be shared with artists at some point in the future.